6 Mar 2021

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Job Description


Purpose: While practicing “Safety Always” in every aspect of job performance and aircraft operations, XTRA Airways pilots inspire travel by keeping our promises to customers and crewmembers and building customer loyalty. XTRA Airways Pilots are responsible for the safe, efficient, and effective operation of XTRA Airways aircraft while always meeting all regulatory requirements and executing company standard operating procedures. XTRA Airways Pilots lead by living all of our values of Safety Always, Keeping It Simple, Do The Right Thing, and One Crew on every flight, every day.

Outcomes and Responsibilities

1) SAFETY: Demonstrate safety ownership in every aspect of their responsibilities, performance, and behavior to ensure the successful outcome of every flight.

• Ensure all identified safety or regulatory non-compliance and/or ineffective processes are reported so they can be assessed and corrected by XTRA Airways.

• Actively participate in and contribute to our XTRA Airways safety management system

• Actively support XTRA Airways safety promotions.

• Report all identified hazards through the safety reporting system.

• Use SOP’s to execute consistently to achieve intended outcomes.

• Fulfill the duties and responsibilities of inflight security coordinator (PIC)

2) FLIGHT STANDARDS: Work as “one crew” with crew scheduling, dispatch, and other crewmembers to ensure all flight operations are conducted within flight and duty, weight and balance and performance limitations applicable to the flight.

• Ensure their flight time and duty time limitations have not and will not exceed 14CFR Part 117 limitations.

• Confirm that all appropriate weight and balance calculations are complete and applied prior to flight to ensure safe operations.

• Ensure that all takeoff and landing performance calculations are completed prior to flight to ensure safe operations.

• Carry all required certification and documentation on board the aircraft.

• Ensure that all route and airport currency requirements are maintained.

• Execute all flight activity with to achieve on-time, efficient operations, while never compromising our commitment to Safety Always.

• Identify and share opportunities for improvement to help us find ways to get even better

3) CUSTOMER AND CREW LEADERSHIP: Build customer loyalty and live our “One Crew” value by leading flight operations to deliver on our purpose, values, vision, and brand.

• Enable effective crew performance by communicating transparently and authentically with all flight crewmembers

• Build customer trust and loyalty by communicate directly and authentically with customers with care, kindness, and respect and in our “brand voice”

• Lead all flight crewmembers to work together and perform effectively by modeling our Values and living our Vision in everything


Leadership: creates “Safety Always”, meets regulatory and company standards, and enables excellence by all flight crewmembers by leading to create timely, effective performance with a focus on purpose and results.

Effective Communication: builds “one crew” performance and customer trust and loyalty through effective listening to understand and sharing information with customers and crewmembers.

Critical Thinking: identifies, evaluates, and selects optimal actions to operate safely, effectives and efficiently. Identifies and shares opportunities to improve so we get even better.

Team First Mindset: Places “we” before “me” to enable seamless “One Crew” performance and seamless execution.  Humble and proud of contributing to and achieving team results.

• Composed: assesses and acts purposefully in all situations. Responds to stressful situations by determining the right course of action to maintain safety, meet regulatory standards, and keep our commitments to customers and crewmembers.

• A US citizen (or ability to work in the US)

• 1st Class Medical

• 21 Years of age

B737 Captain

• Airline Transport Pilot Certificate Multi-Engine Land

• B737 Type Rating

• 5,000 TT

• 1,000 B737 TT, NG preferred for initial Captain hiring

• 1,000 PIC Turbine

• 1,000 MEL

• Meets 14 CFR §121.436(a)(3)

B737 First Officer

• Eligible for an unrestricted ATP Multi-Engine Land

• Completed ATP-CTP course, 14 CFR §61.156

• B737 Type Rating, preferred

• 1,500 TT

• 500 PIC

• 500 MEL

• Meets 14 CFR §121.436(a)(3)

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Job Types: Boeing 737 Captain and Boeing 737 First Officer.


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